On the surface it seems logical that pregnant women read books about pregnancy (What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Pregnancy).  But a new father once told me, pregnant people (and their spouses) should actually read books on parenting!  That part lasts longer and is much more fraught with decisions and need for skills… while simultaneously being the time period where time-for-reading radically decreases.

These are the books that I will probably (at some point) refer to in the blog… Some of them are by cognitive scientists but that isn’t the criteria for making it onto the cogscimom booklist.  It’s mostly books that can be entertaining or informative in some way about parenting or parenting theory/philosophy.  I’ll periodically add to this list (as I read more books!).

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily agree with or endorse what these books all say.  Read them with discernment and enjoy!  (They are in alphabetical order by author name.)


One thought on “booklist

  1. laafculture says:

    would love to get your thoughts (the good/bad/ugly) on some of these books as a cogscimom!

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