the origins of scientific misconceptions

So where do trees get their mass? From water? From soil? From sunlight? Turns out, adults commonly don’t know.

And now I know why. Cogsci-kid-2’s preschool class is planting and watering seeds when I overheard a teacher ask, “What do our plants need to grow?” Cogsci-kid-2 nonchalantly looks up from his truck toys and says, “carbon dioxide,” and then resumes crashing trucks. The teachers looked surprised. After all, that was NOT one of the answers they were expecting! HA! They didn’t even validate his answer as correct so I stepped in and gave him a high 5!

**Disclaimer: His teachers are super awesome in general. I don’t fault them because most adults don’t think about this so they are just being normal!


2 thoughts on “the origins of scientific misconceptions

  1. treevalley says:

    dang our kids our so rich because of you…in the mind. boom.

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