double breakfast all the way…

Anyone who knows my boys in person knows that they can PUT AWAY FOOD like nobody’s business. Cogsci-preschooler used to drink like 12 to 16 oz of milk with almost every meal. EVERY MEAL. (In the last year or so, his milk consumption has gone down to more normal levels… more like 6-8 oz per meal). Cogsci-toddler can hold his own too. He will request a bowl of rice after eating a piece of pizza. When I go to pick them up from Sunday school, all the other kids have finished their snacks but my boys are going around and eating other kids’ leftover snacks.

IMG_1177   IMG_1172
IMG_1176   IMG_1171

One thing I’m grateful for is that their preschool provides high quality breakfast, lunch, and snack! (To me, that is the definition of a high quality preschool!) Sometimes pretty fancy too like turkey bacon quiche or grilled tilapia with mango salsa. (There are also mundane meals like oatmeal or spaghetti but still, cooked on site, coordinated with the CalStateLA Nutrition dept, and, most importantly, easy-peasy for me!) But cogsci-preschooler loves asking for DOUBLE BREAKFAST. Breakfast at home AND breakfast at school. Geez. Endless pit. I’ll give him a hardboiled egg or piece of toast or slice of apple just to appease him until we get to school. Double breakfast, it’s always been this concept that only existed between me and cogsci-preschooler…

SO I THOUGHT! Today Aaron Carroll in NYTimes’ data-driven section (the UpShot) recently wrote a post about the lack of data on the supposed benefits of breakfast. He cites this study that reports this in the abstract:

“…there was an increased odds of overweight/obesity among frequent skippers compared with double breakfast eaters (emphasis theirs! not mine!)…”

Double breakfast eaters!?! That’s a thing? Amazeballs!

The real point of Aaron Carroll’s UpShot article was that these are just correlations so we don’t know if eating double breakfast causes kids to avoid obesity… but I was just proud that my kid had a category! DOUBLE BREAKFAST ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY…


One thought on “double breakfast all the way…

  1. teachingninja says:

    hahaha! Eating other kids’ snacks… I love them.

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