“i believe in molecules”

So cogsci-toddler has this weird fascination with molecules. He heard in a book (Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers) that “M” is for “molecules” and everything is made of “matter” and “matter is made of molecules” and now he keeps asking me if stuff is made of molecules.


“Is that cup made of molecules?”

“Is rice made of molecules?”

“Is water made of molecules?”

“What do molecules look like?”

The weird part of all this is that molecules are a weird thing for anyone to believe in if you think about it. We can’t see them. It’s hard to provide evidence for them. It’s pretty theoretical.

Also to throw another nugget into the mix, our family is pretty religious so in addition to pushing the concept of molecules, we also push the concept of God. My sense is that cogsci-toddler believes in God the same way he believes in molecules… Because he read about it in some book and mom backed up the book’s interpretation of those concepts.

If you know of any good youtube videos of molecules, Amos is keen to hear about your recommendations.


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