Can I have it all?

For a while, every working mom I knew was abuzz about this Atlantic Monthly article:

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All by ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER

Funny enough, the job she essentially “settles” on is an academic job. Also, my take away from this article was this: Awwww crap! Are you telling me that I need to continue to parent when my son is a teenager?

Based on an accidental case study (n=1!) of “having it all,” here are my incredibly unscientific findings: If you are an only child, move into a duplex with your retired parents. If you are not an only child, same advice + make sure your siblings have jobs that are incredibly far away.

Thank you to mimi and halbi (modified Korean forms for grandma and grandpa) for making the cogsci family life possible! Also honorable mention to bachan and Auntie Gail, even though you don’t live next door, you enrich our lives tremendously!


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