Recognizing randomness

When interacting with cogscibaby, I am constantly foiled by my human tendency to see causality and pattern in… total randomness (for more, see Michael Shermer’s catchy phrase, “patternicity“).

Cogscibaby often moves around randomly… but I can interpret these random movements as if he is being intentional! See video evidence below:

But then there are days when I think, “Hey! He is actually doing something meaningful!” For instance, we’ve been tying his mobile to his right leg for about two weeks (see video from May 2 post). I wasn’t sure whether he was really “remembering” to kick and make the mobile shake or if he was learning that contingency afresh every day. So yesterday, I tied the ribbon to his left leg… and watch what happened:

Hahahaha, yay! He actually remembers! Now, I wonder how long it will take him to realize the he should kick the left leg now…


One thought on “Recognizing randomness

  1. treevalley says:

    Hahah! It’s so fun to infer meaning though, esp. when we make up things that he is thinking and saying! Cogscibaby entertainment!!

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