the thin line between ‘paranoid’ and ‘educated’

I’m a judgmental person.  I have large groups of people that I do not want to be like. People who waddle is one group, hippies are another such group.  However, because I’m 8 months pregnant, I’m losing the battle of waddle and because I’m attempting this whole cloth diaper thing, I’m feeling a little bit like a hippie.  Not only that but I’m starting to feel like the worst kind of hippie… a paranoid hippie!

So a few months ago, I had heard an NPR story on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) all about how personal care products (lotions, shampoos, lip balm…) in general have all these industrial chemicals in them without safety testing… for example, some fragrances are made up of phthalates thought to be responsible for the feminization of male babies.  Yikes. So because of this they have started a database ( with common personal care products and their levels of hazard… these hazard ratings also include whether particular ingredients have been linked to cancer or reproductive toxicity…

Here’s an example: Johnson’s baby lotion (Vanilla Oatmeal)… doesn’t it sound yummy and soothing? If you look at its skindeep report, it’s given a hazard rating of 5 (moderate hazard) and here are some of the “high concerns”: endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), irritation… “moderate concerns” include neurotoxicity.  Geez!  Endocrine disruption? Neurotoxicity?  I thought we were talking about baby lotion!!!

Well, I hate to say it… but I do keep looking at this website every once in a while and it makes me sort of crazy.  So I’ll probably just buy products (like target brand lotion! HA!) that are not rated in the database yet. Ignorance is indeed bliss.


4 thoughts on “the thin line between ‘paranoid’ and ‘educated’

  1. Rena says:

    Haha. True that.

  2. treevalley says:

    woas maybe our whole generation of males are feminized by “toxic” baby products. i was like oh yeah “johnson and johnson shampoo” no tears…but more tears later i guess. its okay im trying to combat my feminization by watching jeremy lin basketball! hahah!

    i think its cute when you waddle. as for the cloth diaper thing…i think one of the big pros is it saves money. i feel like “hippie” stuff usually costs more. i hope we stay educated with out recreational drug use.

  3. Sharon Shon says:

    congratulations on your pregnancy ji! don’t worry, everything will be fine! 🙂

  4. meesa says:

    oh, just so you know. some of of johnson and johnson’s products (I think their body wash) has formaldehyde in it! Consumers in Europe were able to get them to change their formula, but not in the US!

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